apex engineering water conservation zero liquid discharge system

As a growing issue in today’s world, water conservation is a top priority for APEX. As we design, we focus on water conservation through our clients’ entire systems, assessing where there is loss and how best to reduce it.

Wastewater Reduction

We work with water and wastewater treatment facilities to optimize design and operations, particularly when it comes to wastewater reduction. Our staff has designed treatment plant piping, control systems, distributed steam systems, pump replacements, and more. Our designs optimize water conservation for various industrial processes, greatly reducing and recycling wastewater for processes in order to curtail waste and conserve as much as possible.

Water Treatment

For our non-municipal clients in our water and wastewater market, we offer process water treatment design, including water softeners, pre-treatments, sand filters, and more. Water purity and quality is important for our industrial-scale clients (especially those in the pharmaceutical field), which is why we offer robust reverse osmosis (RO) system designs that follow industry-standard guidelines for filtration membrane and sterilization processes. We make sure to take into account pH levels and total dissolved solids (TDS) amounts for treated process water to ensure that it is cleaned properly.

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