APEX is proud to have an in-house structural engineering department. Our team designs quality structures with attention to economy and schedule.  

Typical Structural Engineering Services

  • Pipe bridge design
  • Machine foundation design
  • Building foundation design
  • Industrial structures
  • Building design
  • Existing structural analysis
  • Waterfront structures
  • ...and more

Building Structures

Our staff can design brand new structures as well as designs for retrofitting of existing structures. We design buildings and other structures with our client’s unique requirements in mind, and are proficient in overseeing special inspection programs required by the building code. Our team can oversee the work as it’s being done, contract with testing agencies, write up and review inspection reports, and summarize reports for building code officials to make sure your structure (including concrete, rebar, steel, and welding) is code compliant and in accordance with contract documents.

Building Foundations

Our team also has the ability to design foundations for buildings, industrial structures, and other miscellaneous equipment. We can design the foundations from the ground up. Our team has designed foundations from a sonotube supporting pipes, up to a 4 foot thick mat foundation supporting a steam turbine generator, and everything in between.

Industrial and Other Structures

We have designed foundations and balance of plant structural support for landfill gas-to-energy plants, structural support for emissions control equipment on coal-fired power plants, designs for repowering structures with gas turbines, and other varied equipment support. In addition, our team has designed compressor stations and buildings for central energy and heating plants, which typically include masonry and/or pre-engineered metal building structures. Designs also include various platform designs, both new and incorporated into existing structures. We also conduct code reviews for industrial equipment, including egress paths and NFPA Life Safety Code reviews.

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We offer a variety of Structural Engineering services.


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