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We understand that energy use and infrastructure costs directly affect your bottom line. At APEX, we provide our clients with a choice without compromising their systems’ reliability. For clients wishing to utilize bio-based, green options for their systems, we offer economic and energy modeling, design, consulting, and analysis services for a range of renewable energy systems. We offer solutions for even the most complex power systems, focusing on a variety of energy-related markets.


Our staff provides full design, inspection, and verification services for solar systems, including construction administration, oversight of system commissioning, final site inspection, and more. Our solar plant engineering services include:

  • Site feasibility studies

  • Engineering & design of AC/DC distribution

  • Equipment selection

  • Utility interconnect application

  • Utility interface & coordination

  • State applications (SREC/ZREC)

  • Panel layout

  • Inverter & equipment foundations

  • OCPD (overcurrent protection device) design & verification

  • Grounding systems

  • Network communication design

  • Network provider interface

  • Utility protection relay settings

  • Capital cost estimating

  • Maintenance procedures

APEX’s O&M (operation and maintenance) services including 3rd party performance verification, revenue meter reprogramming, utility ray protection reprogramming, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring. To assess the performance of our clients’ PV systems, we offer String I-V Curve Tracing to measure the performance of a PV module or array. This tool reveals how much power a particular solar panel generates (kWh/year) as well as the achieved reduction in CO2 emissions. Our team also offers thermal imaging tests for PV systems.

Biomass & ORC (Organic Rankine Cycles) 

APEX designs biomass & ORC systems in the 100-500 hp range. These systems utilize waste heat from various industrial processes to create electricity. These sources include: 

  • Fuel/combustion gas at the exhaust of a boiler/economizer

  • Extraction steam from a condensing turbine

  • Waste/exhaust gases from an incinerator

  • Thermal oil heated by solar energy

The working fluid for these waste heat recovery systems is an organic refrigerant that is pH neutral, non-corrosive, thermally stable, and ozone-friendly. These systems require 6.13 MMBtu/hr of waste heat for 300kW of power output. We have designed biomass-fired steam power plants that run on wood chips, along with various other industrial-size projects. These systems work best for clients whose systems output heat year-round.

Alternative Fuel & Landfill Gas 

Our professional staff designs systems to burn and recapture energy from alternative fuels, including biofuels, landfill gas, and other alternatives. The energy these systems recapture is used to generate power, further boosting the energy efficiency of the system.

Gasification & Digester

APEX proudly offers system design services for gasification and digesters, two up-and-coming arenas for industrial energy efficiency design. The gasification systems we design maximize energy efficiency by producing and utilizing syngas as a fuel. The majority of digesters we design are used to accelerate the conversion of fertilizer to power.

Turbine Analysis & Design

Our team also offers designs and analysis services for turbines that process syngas and biomass. These systems run the gas through a reciprocating engine to convert it to power, create heat, and are run through a digester to properly digest and aerate it. By designing systems that create a cyclical reuse of energy, waste is minimized, use is reduced, and savings are achieved.

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