APEX Engineering offers a full spectrum of MEP design and analysis services.

HVAC Design

APEX works to design HVAC systems that are tailored specifically to a project, optimizing two key factors: peak efficiency and correct sizing. Our team uses an iterative process to make our designs meet the specific requirements of your project. We also work closely with architects to ensure our designs are integrated with the building envelope, resulting in an even more energy-efficient final project. We design various HVAC systems, including:

  • Constant & variable air volume systems

    • Ventilation with energy recovery

  • Heating and cooling systems, including:

    • Boilers

    • Hydronic heating and cooling

    • Piping design

    • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow)

    • Air source heat pump technology

Our team has also worked to design district heating systems for campuses.

Sequence of Operations

APEX’s mechanical team creates a sequence of operations for every HVAC system we design, demonstrating how the system functions, code specifications, and operational mechanics. This sequence aids contractors in programming the systems as well as educates clients on their new HVAC system. We also help clients with LEED documentation and certification, as well as provide building engineering support.


APEX specializes in designing plumbing systems for small and medium commercial properties and single and multi-family residential properties. Our designs include:

  • Water distribution systems

  • Domestic Hot Water Recirculation

  • Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Systems

  • Drain, waste, & vent systems

  • Storm water systems

  • Water heaters

    • Direct and Indirect Fired

    • Tankless Instantaneous

    • Condensing natural gas technologies

  • Heat pump technology

  • Combined heat & hot water systems for energy efficient buildings

Lighting Analysis 

The APEX electrical engineering staff models buildings and their associated lighting with state-of-the-art software. We build 3D models of the space in order to appropriately locate each fixture and determine the precise light level delivered to each area. As members of North America’s premier lighting community, IES (Illuminating Engineering Society), we provide IES-recommended lighting levels for each particular project, taking into account the amount of light that will come from selected fixtures, daylight harvesting, and energy predictions.

Lighting Design

Our lighting design services encompass both indoor and outdoor lighting design, both for normal and emergency lighting. We also design models to allow for daylight harvesting, and can include several features in our designs, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor occupancy sensors
  • Lighting control schemes
  • Lightning protection & grounding design
  • Individual dimmer controls
  • Timing relays
  • Emergency & standby power systems with operations including peak load shaving, utility generation support
  • LEED-compliant design
  • PV & Solar hot water design

We are also happy to assist our clients find and obtain lighting and solar rebates that are offered by many states.

Power Distribution & Service Entrance Design

Our electrical engineering staff designs electrical service entrances, provides building interconnection to utilities, coordinates utility service drops, and more. Our staff specializes in electrical distribution designs for commercial MEP applications, including everything from electrical service entrance design, to power distribution, to equipment connections, to smart metering and beyond. We design everything through main distribution panels to branch equipment, designing low- and medium-voltage systems up to 35KV for campuses (university, hospital, capitol buildings, etc). We have also designed substations for utility companies and private clients.

Data Centers

APEX offers design services for data center infrastructure, including mechanical, electrical, and IT support for data center equipment. We have converted several properties into data centers, renovated existing data centers, and designed new ones from scratch.

Backup Power

We design emergency generation backup systems and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) for both commercial and industrial properties. Our staff can evaluate an existing systems for critical infrastructure applications such a reliability improvements for a variety of facilities, including data centers, hospitals, banks, and highly complex industrial campuses.

Electrical Building Systems Design

As a BICSI member, our electrical engineering staff designs and optimizes IT infrastructure including cabling, underground and aerial telecommunications design, and telecommunication power and interconnection infrastructure. We can design horizontal and vertical cabling systems through buildings and facilities. APEX also offers design services for fire alarms, CCTV, educational technology systems, PA systems, and CATV systems.

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