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APEX’s team of professionals is equipped to handle a variety of infrastructural consulting and design needs for our commercial, industrial, and institutional clients.

Campus Heating Conversions 

In an effort to help our large clients save energy and reduce costs on utilities, our team designs steam to hot water heating conversions for various campuses, including hospitals and universities.

Fuel Conversions

To offset the high price of fuel oil, APEX helps commercial, institutional, and industrial clients save by converting to natural gas and other forms of renewable energy. We design storage fuel storage systems, burner conversions, piping, new pumping systems, foundations, and any necessary electrical and infrastructural components. Our staff runs a variety of economic scenarios to calculate cost savings on fuel and ROI metrics, allowing us to come up with the most effective design combination.

Central Energy Plants

To optimize energy efficiency for our clients, APEX designs central energy plants that take into careful account distribution design. Our central energy plants can deliver electricity and/or heat to campuses in a way that minimizes energy waste. Designs include: 

  • Underground steam pipes

  • Hot water delivery pipes

  • Electrical distribution plans

  • Package boilers

  • Reciprocating engines

  • Gas & steam turbines

  • Heat recovery boilers

  • Chillers (electric motor, absorption, and steam turbine driven)

Our team always assesses the existing infrastructure, renewing and updating it with the latest, most efficient technology. We help clients with economic modeling for their central energy plants, providing input, risk analysis, mitigation strategies, and more.

Chilled Water Systems

In addition to hot water delivery system designs, our staff can design chilled water delivery systems that cool the water in the central plant and circulate it through pumping arrangements throughout a building. Chilled water systems are a more efficient solution for cooling than direct expansion condensers, marking another way that APEX can help our clients conserve.

Distributed Power

To effectively distribute power throughout a campus, APEX designs distributed power systems, including electrical systems, underground steam pipes, and hot water pipes to make sure a central plant’s power and heat get where they need to go.


APEX offers the full range of IT/telecommunications infrastructure services, including power and interconnection infrastructure, server room consulting and design services, underground and aerial infrastructural design, CCTV system design, and more.

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