apex engineering industrial material handling

APEX offers traditional power generation consulting and design services for our power and utilities market, including our power plant clients.

Machine Design
apex engineering industrial machine foundation design

Our staff regularly conducts maintenance for plants as well as offers consulting and design services for process improvements. To ensure mechanical integrity and safety regulation compliance, APEX will conduct assessments of machine equipment and redesign failed components, including ductwork and breeching.

Machine Foundation Design

APEX designs equipment foundations for various types of industrial equipment, as well as elevated steam turbine platforms, access platforms, and concrete-based foundations that safely accommodate vibrating equipment.

Material Handling

Our team designs material handling equipment for industrial processes that require the transport of materials. APEX designs conveyors, truck dumping lift mechanisms, and air knives for conveyors in MSW (municipal solid waste) recursive recycling processes. We can also analyze the integrity of existing systems, helping clients manage energy usage and maintain design integrity.

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