APEX knows that energy use and infrastructure maintenance costs directly affect your bottom line. With this in mind, we provide our clients with detailed energy engineering services for all types of facilities.

Energy/Economic Modeling

We use industry-standard modeling software to accurately determine the right size MEP system and design for your space. To determine system loads, we utilize TRANE Trace 700™ for our commercial projects and BEOpt (Building Energy Optimization) software from the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Lab for our residential clients. Our economic modeling services include detailed life cycle cost analysis, economic evaluations, and predicted energy consumption for your MEP systems. The programs we use also account for energy utilization of electrical systems and water consumption pertaining to the plumbing design. Our subsequent designs are optimized for your space, and take into account efficiency, building envelope, water and electricity usage, appliances, and more.

Energy Audits

Our team is happy to conduct top-quality, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) energy audits for our clients. These diagnostic tests expose any areas of energy inefficiency in your space, and indicate areas that need smart efficiency improvements. We offer three levels of these energy assessments:

  1. ASHRAE Level 1 - a walk-through, “screening” analysis and preliminary audit.
  2. ASHRAE Level 2 - a deeper energy survey and analysis in which we evaluate building energy systems and generate a report detailing energy efficiency measures.
  3. ASHRAE Level 3 - APEX’s main focus, these audits indicate specific areas for energy improvements, and are a detailed analysis of your space using computer simulation to model changes in energy systems.

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