APEX has extensive knowledge and experience in the engineering and design of central energy plants that utilize package boilers, reciprocating engines, gas turbines, heat recoveryboilers, steam turbines, absorption chillers, electric motor driven chillers, and steam turbine driven chillers. CHP systems are designed to capture potentially wasted heat, thereby maximizing the system's energy efficiency, energy utilization, and energy output.

Energy Systems

CHP systems increase asset efficiency, reduce grid dependence, are lower maintenance, and are more power secure, resilient, and cost-effective. For clients whose systems run on more conventional fuel sources, including natural gas, APEX Engineering offers combined heat and power consulting and design services. Our team designs thermodynamically efficient systems that capitalize on fuel by simultaneously producing heat and electricity.

System Integration

APEX provides professional consulting services for integrating combined heat and power systems into an existing building and established processes. By aiding in the interconnection between an existing building and newly designed and installed fuel cell and steam turbines, we help our clients maximize the efficiency of their new system. Our team also designs system controls to easily measure and view system output and power.

Fuel Cells

Our team runs a set of economic analyses to create specifications for fuel cell systems. These systems, lauded for their low noise levels and near-zero emissions, convert the chemical energy from natural gas to electricity, making them an excellent option for power generation.

Steam, Gas, & Micro Turbines

APEX designs turbines that extract thermal energy from pressurized steam and gas. In addition to assessing gas turbine engine configurations, engine load connection strategy, and component axis configurations, we design all pieces of turbines for power generation, including inlet, fan, nozzle, compressor, blades, rotors, and combustors.

Benefits of Turbines

  • Fuel efficiency & flexibility ​compared to any liquid or gaseous fuel​
  • Operations & maintenance​
    • No cooling/glycol loop​
  • Simplicity & near-zero emissions​
  • Low weight, noise, & vibration​
  • Solves challenges of microturbine adoption​:
    • Fuel efficiency (full & part-load)​
      • Use of ceramics, intercooled, three-shaft design, innovative recuperator ​
    • Cost & size​
      • High specific power, turbocharger-based design

Power Distribution

Our team can also design the power distribution piping to ensure that power from the combined heat and power plant is properly distributed to all areas of a campus (power plant, university, hospital, etc.).

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