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As a multidisciplinary team of professionals able to provide a variety of design and consulting services, APEX can offer a full spectrum of building services for our commercial, residential, and industrial customers.

Our comprehensive building services include full design of MEP services, including HVAC design, power distribution, electrical service design, plumbing design, backup power systems, and much more.

Our inspection services are designed to make sure your building or system is operating in accordance with specifications. In addition to existing system inspections for buildings, we offer professional commissioning services for mechanical systems, both existing systems and those under construction.

APEX's civil and structural engineers offer full building design services, retrofit designs, various kinds of building and equipment foundation designs, and industrial structure designs.

In order to help our clients accurately predict energy consumption, life cycle costs, ROI, and efficiency levels of their HVAC and mechanical systems, our team offers energy and economic modeling and tiered energy audits for our clients' systems.

Read on to learn more about each service category, and get in touch with us today to schedule an evaluation of your facility.

APEX works to design HVAC systems that are tailored specifically to a project, optimizing two key factors: peak efficiency and correct sizing. Our team uses an iterative process to make our designs meet the specific requirements of your project. We also work closely with architects to ensure our designs are integrated with the building envelope, resulting in an even more energy-efficient final project.
apex mechanical and building system commissioning

Even if a client’s mechanical HVAC system is of top-quality, it may not perform as well as it was designed to if it is not installed and started up correctly. To avoid these situations, APEX can serve as an independent, third party entity in evaluating your mechanical system to verify that your system is correctly installed and functioning at peak efficiency.

APEX is proud to have an in-house structural engineering department. Our team designs quality structures with attention to economy and schedule.  

APEX knows that energy use and infrastructure maintenance costs directly affect your bottom line. With this in mind, we provide our clients with detailed energy engineering services for all types of facilities.

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