APEX Engineering is dedicated to delivering top-quality projects to all customers. Our project delivery process generally follows four steps:


When clients come to us with a general idea for a project, our team keeps feasibility as our top priority by balancing our clients’ goals with our experience in the field, from both design and cost perspectives. We take into consideration a variety of important factors, including structural feasibility, size, cost estimating and control, and budgets.

Our project managers assemble a team of APEX professionals who serve as coordinators on the project, making sure to involve the appropriate staff trained in the proper disciplines, and to facilitate active and clear communication through the conceptualizing process. We take into account stakeholders, support personnel for the project, and project charter, including in our analysis costs, tasks, deliverables, and schedule. Together, we review work plans to make sure your goals are being met at each point throughout the process.


System Design

First, our engineers start on the system design for your project, producing engineering calculations, load calculations, and energy models. As they formulate and finalize the basis of the design, our engineers work closely with the design team to get the design on paper, clearly and concisely.

CAD & Drafting

Once we finalize work plans, our drafting team begins work on the CAD (computer-aided design) designs for the project. Our talented group of designers has decades of combined experience. Each scrupulous, full-time drafter is trained in a specific discipline, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, process piping, mechanical, and structural design, making each designer particularly aware of the specifications and design nuances your project may require.

Specification Writing

APEX is dedicated to making sure our projects are carried out effectively and correctly. We offer technical specification writing services that define the requirements your project’s product or assembly, thereby minimizing the chances of errors once the designs go to a contractor.

We also offer integrated project delivery, a delivery approach in which all members of the team, including the architect, contractor, client, and our own team are stakeholders and have a share in the project. IPD projects are designed to harness the talents and ideas of all participants and to yield top-quality project results. The project delivery process, from design to fabrication to construction, is a streamlined collaboration between all parties, making for an efficient process that ultimately is cost- and energy-saving.


APEX offers support for each stage of the construction administration process, including:

  • Assisting with bid procurement process

  • Fielding & answering RFIs (requests for information)

  • Submittal & shop drawing review

  • Providing construction administration and support

  • Monitoring & quality control on-site (from a technical lead or project manager)

  • Project development

  • Economic evaluations & screening

  • Construction cost estimating & construction options

  • Cost control

  • Schedule & budget impacts

We are also happy to offer general procurement support if you would like to purchase certain pieces for your project ahead of time. Our project managers will go above and beyond to communicate directly with manufacturers to get our clients the equipment and materials they need.


Documentation & Training

Our team provides Operations & Maintenance (O&Ms) Manual Reviews for our contractor clients. These guides provide a comprehensive and understandable guide to the particulars of a new project. Drawing from our extensive experience in the field, APEX’s O&M manual reviews are designed to help our contractor clients provide the most accurate information to their clients. We also offer training for facility operators on the equipment included in the O&M manuals.

Startup Assistance

APEX is happy to provide clients with the help they need to get to know their newly installed project by providing thorough startup assistance. We also offer training services for our clients on how to operate and maintain their installed systems.

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