Searsport, Maine

Service Provided:

Working with Applied Technology Services, Inc., APEX conducted an interior tank coating inspection on an 182 ft diameter tank at the Irving Oil facility located in Searsport, Maine.

For the surface preparation of the structural support steel and floor plates, the contractor used an abrasive blast using Iron Silicate 35-70 to develop the surface profile. The contractor removed the spent abrasive from the floor and cleaned the floor prior to applying the holding primer.

APEX visually verified SSPC-SP-10 near white metal. Testing procedures consisted of measuring wet film thickness (WFT) during top coat application. The measurements verified WFT of 18-20 mils minimum which met specification requirements. Measurement readings of the dry film thickness (DFT) were performed after each coating application. The readings verified specified DFT of 12 mils minimum. The average was 21 mils. The reading met specification requirements. The APEX team worked in tandem with the contractor to complete the sponge test of the floor in accordance with SP0188- 2006, Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of New Protective Coatings on.

Client: Applied Technical Services

Contact: Walter Shorey (207) 846-1116

Completion Date: Nov. 2013

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