VAMC West Haven, Connecticut

Service Provided:

APEX was approached by Greenland Enterprises, Inc. to provide the mechanical design for new condensate pits located in Buildings 1 and 2 at the VAMC West Haven campus.

The project consisted of the design and construction of a new condensate pit and stainless steel sump with footing drainage for each building. CSC-B duplex condensate pumps with cylindrical welding steel receivers, water pumps, mechanical alternators, electrical controls and accessories were installed. Electrical work included the installation of a new panel and tie ins to the old switch gear room.

In building 1, the existing old cast iron receiver was removed. A new 2- 1/2" condensate main was installed, and the remaining condensate lines were replaced and rerouted to the new condensate flash tanks. The new system connected and discharged back to Boiler Plant by the new system.

Client: Greenland Enterprises, Inc.

Contact: Paul Kirchoff, PE (781) 472-9971

Completion Date: March 2013

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