Stratton, Maine

Service Provided:

ReEnergy Stratton was looking for a probable cost estimate for a steam supply and condensate return pipeline from their biomass power plant to the Stratton lumber sawmill. The system would be a closed loop system with a condensate return. The pressures and temperatures did have some flexibility so this was accounted for it at the sawmill heat exchange end of things to accommodate the ideal location to pull the extraction steam from the turbine/steam system.

Process Conditions:

  • Steam Flow – 25,000 lbs/hr saturated steam.
  • Pressure – 100 PSI to sawmill but will be much higher from the extraction of the turbine, but the extraction point has not been identified at this time.
  • Condensate return at an unknown pressure at this time.

Steam Host Piping and Condensate Return:

  • The pipeline total distance was anticipated at 1,860 feet, which includes two vertical drops of 40 feet, but does not include any expansion loops.
  • The pipeline needs to bridge a small stream estimated at a distance of 100-150 feet across.

Client: ReEnergy Stratton

Contact: Mark Thibodeau

Completion Date: Fall 2013

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