Black River, New York

ReEnergy Black River is located at Fort Drum, a United States Army Base located near Watertown, NY. ReEnergy Black River produces approximately 422 net GWh of electricity each year, enough to supply the power needs of about 55,000 homes.

APEX conducted a site visit to complete a full assessment of the operating conditions of the steam turbine and feed water heater/condenser systems at the facility. The specific objectives of this project were as follows:

  • To establish turbine heat balances at full load
  • Determine turbine efficiency
  • Establish trends in turbine power output and efficiency as affected by key operational parameters
  • Identify root causes of reduction in overall power output and efficiency of turbine based on analysis of previously established trends
  • Provide strategies and operational scenarios which will improve overall turbine power output and efficiency

Various scenarios were simulated in order to determine the best possible operational modes for increasing turbine efficiency as well as net turbine power output.

Client: ReEnergy Black River

Contact: “AJ” Ainsworth James (973) 902-1438

Completion Date: December 2014

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