Dominican Republic

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Inasca Agroindustrial (Inasca) operates a palm oil processing facility in El Valle, Hato Mayor Province, Dominican Republic. The major inputs to the palm oil process, other than the palm fruit, are water, steam, and electricity (provided by diesel generators). Inasca recognized the potential for substantial energy and cost saving opportunities available through energy efficiency improvements. Inasca contacted APEX to identify and prioritize energy efficiency improvements in order of maximum benefit to capital costs.

APEX calculated the primary energy costs of electricity generation, pumping water, and making steam, per unit of final product. APEX then identified potential energy saving opportunities, calculated the economic viability of each, and prioritized them based on life-cycle cost analysis.


Client: Inasca Agroindustrial

Contact: Ramon Crouch (809) 563-5116

Completion Date: April 2013

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