North Conway, New Hampshire

Service Provided:

Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH provides heat, hot water, and dehumidification with two 200 Boiler Horsepower packaged boilers. Memorial Hospital and Ensyn Corporation intended to convert one of the two existing boilers to burn exclusively renewable fuel oil.

Teaming with McHale Performance, APEX conducted an engineering assessment to evaluate design alternatives and their associated cost and schedule risks. The decision was made to custom fabricate a 15,000 gallon vertical, double-walled, stainless steel ASME-rated storage tank with an unloading pump. Inside the boiler room, positive displacement transfer pumps and heat exchangers heat and pressurize the fuel for the boilers.

APEX provided full construction documents and construction administration for this first of its kind design-build project.

The engineering assessment included:

  • The existing fuel train, boilers, combustion controls, and boiler room
  • RFO equipment siting and permitting requirements
  • Operational requirements of the facility during and after construction
  • RFO equipment manufacturing lead times
  • Proposed system design and integration
  • Design alternatives

Client: Ensyn Corporation

Contact: Stefan Muller 604.945.6673

Completion Date: March 2014

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