Hampden, Maine

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In 2012, APEX designed the HVAC and plumbing for the new 70,000 square foot Bangor Hydroelectric Operations Center, as well as designed a cutting-edge geothermal and variable refrigerant flow system that will provide energy-efficient year-round comfort for all the occupants. The Operations Center includes control rooms, office space, line truck storage and repair garages, a truck wash, and warehouse and equipment repair facilities.

In early 2014, APEX provided Owner requested redesign services. The new design includes optimization revisions to the Water to Water Heat Pump heating system piping, the provision of a Water Source Heat Pump, and elimination of the Cooling Tower.

Construction is scheduled to commence spring of 2015.


Client: Kiser & Kiser Co.

Contact: James Kiser (207) 862-4700

Completion Date: Ongoing

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