South Portland, Maine

APEX worked with Sea Coast Management Company (SCMC) to deliver commissioning services for the Osprey Circle project, a two-building, 24-unit multi-family housing project located in South Portland, Maine.

Commissioning services for this project were broken down into two separate phases: Commissioning Plan Development and Commissioning Plan Execution. The Commissioning Plan Development phase consisted of working with SCMC to develop a Commissioning Plan which included a review of the Owner's Project Requirements, a review of the final design and Basis of Design Documents, and the development of commissioning test procedures. This phase focused on mechanical systems. The second phase, Commissioning Plan Execution, involved the implementation of the Commissioning Plan, including scheduling of tests and sub-contractors, HVAC equipment inspections, reviews of the test results, progress reports, and a final Commissioning Report.

APEX was present and oversaw all testing, including a blower door test and radon testing. All tests were performed by qualified contractors.


 The Commissioning Plan included the following elements for each building:

  • Whole-building blower door testing
  • Heating system inspection
  • Domestic hot water system inspection
  • Heat pump system inspection
  • Exhaust system inspection


Client: Sea Coast Management Company

Contact: Matthew Teare (207) 837-2418

Completion Date: July 2014

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