Westbrook, Maine

Service Provided:

Calpine Energy Center located in Westbrook, Maine purchased two (2) pressure reducing valves (PRV) to replace the existing ones on their natural gas service.

Northeast Mechanical was asked to install and reconfigure the natural gas piping to include the new PRV's. The pressure was reduced from 600 psig to 30 psig for use by various low pressure gas burners in the facility.


As part of the project, APEX

  • Designed the natural gas piping to include the dual PRV set;
  • Specified materials, specialties and valves; and
  • Specified instrumentation taps locations.

APEX also produced stamped drawings showing the design and layout of the new PRV set, the regulation sizing, and the routing of the natural gas piping.

Client: Calpine Energy

Contact: Scott Sheriff (207) 632-6575

Completion Date: September 2012

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