Sterling, Connecticut

Service Provided:

APEX Engineering (APEX) was asked by ReEnergy Holdings to provide design and associated engineering services for a new boiler ventilation system for their facility located at 10 Exeter Drive in Sterling, Connecticut.

During a boiler outage, the ventilation system will be used to take air from the out-of-service boiler and transfer the air from the boiler to the suction of the operating boiler primary air fans. The intent of the system was to provide three air changes per hour of ventilation and provide boiler cooling during shutdown. The makeup air for the system enters open manways on the down boiler.

The design assumed the boiler volume to be 50,000 cubic feet and was designed for three air changes per hour. The system would ventilate 3,000 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) including a safety factor. The design anticipated using a 20-inch diameter spiral wound pipe for the air duct. The duct was assembled by butt welding the pipe and included flanges on connection for motor operated dampers. The duct would be insulated in close proximity to main flue gas duct for personnel protection. An induced draft fan rated for 3,000 scfm with 0.25 static pressure was placed on grade in the ash handling building. Designed flange connections with new flue gas dampers were placed on each side of the "pant leg" in the ash handling building upstream of the guillotine dampers.

In addition to the above, APEX designed an access platform to the ductwork manway above the bottom ash conveyor platform and a new stair with an intermediate landing platform.

Client: ReEnergy Holdings

Contact: Scott Hershey (207) 461-0099

Completion Date: October 2011

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