Westminster, Massachusetts

APEX performed a boiler study at GDF Suez's Pinetree Power facility to determine the modifications required to lower the temperature of steam entering the primary superheater outlet header below 900°F. This study was based on the current performance, which indicated an abnormally high primary superheater outlet temperature of 966°F.


The following parameters were determined from available plant data as well as calculations to effectively evaluate the current boiler performance.

  • Final steam temperature, pressure, and flow
  • Economizer inlet / outlet feed water temperature
  • Air heater inlet / outlet flue gas temperature
  • Flue gas % bypassed from economizer
  • Air heater inlet / outlet air temperature
  • Fuel and ash ultimate analyses
  • Boiler exit O2 %
  • Spray flow
  • Radiant super heater inlet steam temperature
  • Flue gas flow rate (based on the sum of fuel flow and combustion air flow)
  • Furnace exit gas temperature
  • Flue gas velocities across heat transfer bundles


The following recommendations were provided for optimizing boiler performance:

  • Monitor primary superheat outlet steam temperature & modify soot blowing cycles accordingly.
  • Monitor excursions in drum level, drum pressure & drum outlet temperature on a regular basis
  • Increase the portion of primary air entering the furnace


Client: Pinetree Power Fitchburg, Inc.

Contact: Michael Buckman (508) 954-1101

Completion Date: March 2014

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