Stratton, Maine

Teaming with ReEnergy Stratton, APEX provided an efficiency analysis for their boiler and plant in Stratton, ME. This evaluation included reviewing the current boiler efficiency and overall plant efficiency, and comparing the data to the original predicted design efficiencies at MCR and at 115% MCR. This evaluation also determined effectiveness factors for each area of the boiler as well as determined the root cause of the efficiency short falls.


Data collection for this energy efficiency analysis included the following:

  • AH Air and Flue Gas Inlet/Outlet Temperatures
  • Boiler Steam Pressure, Temperature, Flow
  • Spray/attemperation flow (if any)
  • Feed water flow
  • Feed water inlet and outlet temperatures
  • Fuel Analysis (including current HHV and comparison to original specifications)
  • Ash Analysis (Ultimate, including unburnt carbon LOI analysis)
  • Furnace draft, residence time, and furnace heat release
  • ID/FD Fan Flows
  • Flue Gas Flow Rate and Velocities
  • Boiler and stack exit gas temperatures
  • Draft loss across mechanical equipment

Client: ReEnergy Stratton

Contact: “AJ” Ainsworth James (973) 902-1438

Completion Date: January 2014

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