September 22, 2015

The APEX Team Continues to Grow!

In the midst of this busy summer, Mindy and Steve Sanderson have been hard at work expanding our team. APEX is pleased to announce the addition of not one, but six new hires. Please welcome the latest and greatest:

Francis Russo is our newest structural engineer. Mr. Russo has over 35 years of design and drafting experience in the development of engineering drawings. His expertise includes civil, concrete and steel projects in 2D and 3D, utilizing both AutoCAD and Rebis AutoPLANT Structural.

Joseph Irace joins us as a mechanical designer with nine years of experience in piping design and site layout. His strengths are 3D design, P&IDs, orthographic and isometric drawings, complemented by field experience in both the power and the paper industries.

Aaron Sirois is our latest mechanical engineer with a range of experience, including steam systems, pumping systems, chilled water/hydronic systems, specification writing and energy modeling/LCCA.  

Frank Johnson is our most recent hire. As an accomplished mechanical engineer, Frank has extensive experience in design engineering, project management, field engineering and facility operations. His areas of expertise are industrial and manufacturing HVAC, process heating and cooling, CHP systems and fuel oil systems.

On top of our new engineering talent, we would like to welcome two additions to the other side of the business:

Heather Melanson comes from an engineering background and heads our administrative support. She keeps the crew on the straight and narrow while improving our internal processes.

Cecilia Shields-Auble is launching our new wave of marketing efforts, increasing exposure and supporting the growth of the company.